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Phone Phishing

by Marilyn Cariola

It appears that the phishers are back, using the phone as a social engineering ploy—leaving an important message for you to call back.  Once you call back, they know they have a live person on the other end. They  may continue to try soliciting information from you or sell your phone number to other phishers.

The latest phone phisher message is from someone claiming to be Craig Margolis  at GSS, who asks that you call him back at 732-831-5294.  The phone number reported by the voicemail system, however, is 732-606-4015. 

Please don’t respond.

Just as with unsolicited email, you should neither reply nor respond nor provide any information even if talking to a live person that contacts you unless you have an ongoing business relationship.

 There is more information on the Internet if you search for the name or the phone number.



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Above article appeared in May 19, 2009

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