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Cyber Security Basics - CS101

by Marilyn Cariola

If you have a SLAC computer account, the course Cyber Security Basics – CS101 is required training and is now included in your SLAC Training Assessment.  The course covers the basics of computer security: creating and protecting your password, appropriate use of e-mail and the Internet, and what to do in case of a computer security incident. If you already know this information you can challenge the quiz on the first slide. (To pass you must answer four of five questions correctly.) Anyone who has a SLAC account to access SLAC information resources must take this course by July 2, 2009.

So please log in to the Training Portal and take the course today.

  1. Find your System ID on your page of the SLAC directory.
  2. If you haven’t changed your SkillSoft password and the computer you are using is on the SLAC network (not SLAC Visitor), click HERE for the default password. (Note: This is not your Windows or Unix password.)
  3. Go to the training portal to log in.

Note: From the ESH Web site, select “Training” under “Popular Links,” then hit the “Web Based Training” button below the graphic.

  1. Once you’ve logged in, you can search for “Cyber Security Basics” as a course, and click on the link, and then hit “Play.”

For more information go to:


Training - Web Based Courses information page


Training - SkillSoft FAQ


If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Cariola (x2820) or Computer Security Training at

Published 21 May 2009

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Last Updated: 07/22/2010
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