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Getting Office Patches to Work
Use FullFile Patches
If you are getting errors when trying to patch Office on your home system or laptop then you should try the "fullfile" version of the patch. You have to do this because your computer no longer has access to the original MS Office source files. Obtaining the fullfile version is accomplished by a few clicks. See below (works best with Internet Explorer):
1) Go to Office Update and have it scan for needed patches;

2) For each of the patches press on the Show Description link as seen here:

3) Press the More Information... link as seen here:
4) A new window will now pop up and you should see that this is the "fullfile" version. See the name of the file to be downloaded:


If doing the above steps are successful you'll likely have to continue to do the "fullfile" for most future Office patches.
Possible Errors
If following the steps above still produces an error then please contact your Local Desktop Administrator for assistance.  They may have to just get a copy of the Office CD for you to use.
A couple of the error windows you could see are below:


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