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System Administrative Accounts Policy

The SLAC environment has been designed to provide a high degree of flexibility in delegating administrative tasks.  The administrative roles are developed and created by reviewing the administrative needs to perform tasks driven by valid business requirements.

There are several levels of system administrator access, e.g. server domain administrator, oracle database administrator, workstation administrator or network firewall administrator, etc.  The level of system administrator access shall be limited to the minimum privilege required to perform the job duties defined for the role. 

This policy covers all administrative roles that require elevated access privileges.  This includes, but is not limited to, server, network, database, messaging, and workstation administrators.

All system administrators shall be qualified in accordance with the SLAC System Administrative Account Procedure. The procedure defines the roles, requirements, and approval process for an employee to obtain a privileged account at SLAC.  The procedure will define the process for maintaining the account and requirements for re-qualification (if any).


System Administrative Accounts Procedure

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Last Updated: 05/26/2011
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