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Computer Security Incident Response

The purpose of computer security incident response is to:

a. mitigate the effects caused by such an incident,
b. protect the information resources of SLAC from future unauthorized access, use or damage, and
c. ensure that SLAC fulfills all of its obligations under University policy, and federal and state laws and regulations with respect to such incident.

SLAC recognizes the need to follow established procedures to address situations that could indicate the security of the SLAC’s information assets may have been compromised. Such procedures include ensuring the appropriate level of SLAC management becomes involved in the determination of actions implemented in response to an information technology security incident.


 Any SLAC employees, contractors, vendors and agents who becomes aware of a Computer Security Incident should immediately:

a. Contact the SLAC Computer Security: or any member of the computer security team.
b. Do not turn off the computer or make any changes without direction from Computer Security.

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Last Updated: 02/17/2011
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