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Requests to Access Computer Files, Email or Re-assign Account Ownership

In some circumstances, it may be necessary for SLAC management and/or supervisors to gain access to a person's computer files and/or email, without the knowledge or consent of the person. Such access may be granted only with authorization from SLAC Employee Relations. Employee Relations will work with SLAC Computer Security to determine the appropriate scope, duration and method of access. 

If the access requested is to an account of a person no longer working for SLAC and the requestor is the Supervisor or Manager then simply making the request to is normally sufficient. Each request is reviewed individually.

If authorized, access will NOT be granted via the Account Owner's account. For example, the supervisor would use their own account to access the data, not the gone employee's account.

Type of Request If Account Owner is "Gone" If Account Owner is "Active" and is not aware of the request
Access to Files or Email Supervisor/Manager sends email request to Supervisor/Manager contacts HR and HR will notify Security as to what access is granted and for how long. HR Contact:

When a person is laid off their account may be disabled. If a the staff member wants access to their files the Supervisor must approve. Then a copy can be made and given to staff member.

Owner: SLAC Computer Security
Last Updated: 11/20/2013
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