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Current policy allows Skype or other conferencing solutions.  Current policy does not allow one to become a Skype supernode which makes one a router for the Skype network, and a conduit for others data.

The "slowness" occurs on the visitor network when one consumes excessive bandwidth and connections of any type over a period, Skype is just one example of things that end up running slowly.  It is likely that so would bittorrent usage, or many other P2P software, although, as with all else, the details vary (I have been told that some people, for whatever reason, have spent all day using Skype without impact;  Perhaps they configured their client as per below).


Skype documents various ways for various versions of their software to prevent one from becoming a supernode.  It apparently depends on the version, so you should look up the instructions appropriate.

and a 3rd party reference at:


And here are the CERN restrictions and configuration guidelines (they too have a policy against supernodes, and have instructions about configurations and actions that can help):


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