Using PuTTY for Remote Desktop Connection



Creating a SSH tunnel

1. Initiate PuTTY.
2. In the Host Name (or IP Address) box, input the UNIX server used for authentication, e.g.
  The port default is 22.
  The Connection type: SSH should be selected.
3. In the Category window, expand SSH and select Tunnels.
  In the Source port: box, key-in an unused port, e.g. 9999 (this will be used when you connect through Remote Desktop Connection)
  In the Destination box, key in the node name of the server or desktop and appropriate port you wish to remotely control, e.g. server - or desktop –
  Note: Use the appropriate ports for servers (1023) and desktops (3389)
  Select Add.
  It now shows up in the Forwarded ports: window.
4. In the Category window, go back to Session window.
  In the Saved Sessions box, enter a name for the session,
  e.g. Unix node–server/PC node.
  Select Save.
  Select Open.
5. In the PuTTY command window, login as usual.
6. Then go to start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection.
  In the Computer: box, key in localhost:<source port> from step 3.
  Select Connect.
  Enter your username and password as required.

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