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Cyber Security for Networked Printers and Copiers

An increasing number of services are being offered on printers and copiers and SLAC needs to be sure cyber security is kept in mind as new printers/copiers are considered for purchase and deployment at SLAC. It is advisable to involve SLAC Computer Security early in the evaluation process to insure that the printer/copier will be allowed to remain on the SLAC network. Since each model is unique, offering a unique experience, it is impossible to provide blanket approval or rejection for any new offerings. The cyber security evaluation will be based on the following list of recommendations/guidelines.

Security Group Recommendations/Guidelines

Note: Unix printing requires SNMP v1/v2 on the printer. Do not disable SNMP from networked printers. Removing R/W access should be fine. Just leave R/O access.


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Last Updated: 07/22/2010
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