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Account Services

Windows :: Microsoft Windows Accounts.
  • There are SLAC Windows domain accounts for site-wide centrally maintained Windows applications.
  • There are two types of COLLAB Windows domain accounts: Individual and Group. Currently only SharePoint supports COLLAB domain accounts. Request an account via email to 
    • COLLAB Group accounts are limited to read-only access.
    • COLLAB Individual accounts are allowed read/write access.
Unix :: Central Unix
WTS :: Windows Terminal Server (Citrix)
Connectivity (Remote Access)
VPN :: Virtual Private Networking
Citrix :: Citrix Service

Exchange :: Send mail to

Oracle :: Send mail to 

Oracle password change

PeopleSoft :: Send mail to

Stanford University Computer Accounts
Getting a Stanford University ID (SUNet ID)
Administrative Tasks
Getting a SLAC ID number :: Newcomers to SLAC who need to receive an identification badge, a dosimeter, a computer account, a phone, or any other services, must be entered into the SLAC Institutional Database (SID).
Finding your Computer Czar :: List of Computer Czar (People who can authorize comptuer accounts, changes, and deletions.)
Search for accounts :: Find computing accounts for specific users
Closing Accounts
Terminating SLAC Employees :: Procedures for computer accounts

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Last updated: 07/22/05