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Computer Accounts
SLAC Employees, Users, Contractors & Affiliates

In order to open a SLAC computing account, you will need to have a SLAC ID number (SID).  After obtaining your SID, you can apply for a computer account for each platform that you need to use.   If you will only be at SLAC for a short time, please see "Short Term Visitors" below.
Obtain a SLAC ID number

Apply for a Computer Account

Babar Collaborators: Additional Information

Applying for computer accounts as a Babar Collaborator

Short Term Visitors

Public computing resources are available for visitors and conference attendees at SLAC. These resources do not require a SLAC computer account.

Visitor Computing at SLAC
Stanford University Computer Accounts
Getting a Stanford University ID (SUNet ID)
Can't find the right form? Here is a list of the most used forms for computing resources
Everything you need to know about email at SLAC
Getting Help
How to get computing help
Getting Information

Outage Calendar
:  Please check the calendar for computing outage announcement date and time

Comp-Out Mailing List :  All computing outage announcements are sent to the "comp-out" mailing list. All users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this list, as frequently it is the only way you will be notified of many small outages (other than them being posted to the Outage Calendar).  To subscribe to the comp-out mailing list, you may send an email with a blank subject to and in the message body, type: subscribe comp-out

Using Linux at SLAC


Central Unix at SLAC


Getting started with Windows at SLAC
Remote Access
It is possible to connect to SLAC network resources via PPP/Dial-up, Windows VPN (PPTP), and Windows Terminal Server.

Remote Access to SLAC
SLAC Computer Education

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