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Support for UNIX at SLAC consists of fully-supported central services for user authentication, file servers, mail, news, name, time, and print services. A number of servers provide interactive login service for general computing use. Most desktop UNIX systems are supported as dataless clients of the central services; support beyond that level is the responsibility of the individual groups. A compute farm is provided for all users to provide high-performance computing and bulk tape and disk data storage.
Windows 7 is the supported Windows workstation operating system at SLAC.  Windows XP is currently being phased out.
General Information about Linux at SLAC.
Macintosh has limited support at SLAC.  It is used in KIPAC and in other small clusters around the lab.
The VM system was shutdown for the last time on Monday, 5 October 1998.
Scientific Computing and Computing Services(SCCS), provides limited support for the VMS operating system.

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