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Software Downloads

XWEB :: To Download SLAC frequently used software
Platform Specific Software

Windows Apps :: Supported applications, licensing, recommended versions.
Unix at SLAC :: Unix and its supported software at SLAC
Linux at SLAC :: Linux and its supported software at SLAC
Scientific Software

AIDA :: Abstract interfaces for common physics analysis objects
CERNLIB :: Guide to CERNLIB and Anaphe at SLAC
EGS4 :: Electron Gamma Shower (EGS) Web Page
EPICS :: Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System at SLAC
Geant4 :: Details about Geant4 and its use at SLAC
HippoDraw :: A C++ library for building data analysis applications and more
IEPM :: Internet End-to-end Performance Monitoring
JAS :: Java Analysis Studio
JAS/Wired :: The Wired plugin to JAS
OpenAFS/Kerberos5 :: Windows OpenAFS client and Kerberos 5
SSH :: Secure Shell access for Windows
Wired3 :: A standalone HepRep Event Display

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