Citrix XenApp 6.0 User Guide



Citrix XenApp is the preferred method for accessing SLAC's Windows environment remotely.  Citrix enables members of the SLAC user community to access a Windows desktop or a variety of common Windows applications through a Web browser from any location with an internet connection.  With Citrix, SLAC users can even access the Windows environment from a Mac, Linux, or Solaris computer.

The purpose of this document is to provide users the basic information they need to connect to and use the Citrix farm successfully, and how to obtain help when needed.  This document is also intended to set user expectations for the Citrix farm by outlining what is and is not supported within the Citrix environment by the Citrix administrators, application maintainers, and Local Desktop Computing Administrators.



To access the SLAC Citrix farm, you must meet the following requirements:

Your computer must be running one of the following supported operating systems at a minimum:

Citrix administrators will not support accessing the Citrix farm from any other operating system at this moment.

Your computer must have one of the following supported Web browsers installed:

Citrix administrators will not support accessing the Citrix farm from any other Web browser.

Your computer must have a supported Citrix client installed to access the Citrix farm.  Once you logon to the Citrix farm via, you'll be prompted to download and install the client if the client has not been detected or you have older version of client.  Alternatively, you can download from here.

You must have both a SLAC Windows account and Citrix account to access the Citrix farm.

Accessing the Citrix Farm

The following sections provide an overview of the steps involved in accessing the Citrix farm.

The Citrix client must be installed and properly configured to access the Citrix Farm.



Common and Licensed Applications

Working with Files in Citrix

Printing in Citrix

Best Practices

The following recommendations constitute best practices for using Citrix:

Migrating To/From Another Citrix Farm

Limitations of Citrix

Getting Help



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