Citrix MetaFrame XP Farm @ SLAC

New Application Requests for the Citrix XP Farm

If you need a new application or program be added to the SLAC Citrix XP Farm, please follow the requirements listed below.

Note: Users can not load software on the Citrix XP Farm.  Systems restrictions do not allow Users to load software therefore, all additions must be completed by the SLAC WTS Admin team.

New Application/Program requirements:

  1. The application must be 100% compatible and be certified to run within the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.
  2. DOS applications will not be approved to run on the Citrix Farms.  Multiple performance problems occur when running DOS applications in the Citrix Farm, including the possibility of such application using 100% of the processors and system resources available.
  3. Windows 16-bit applications will also not be approved to run on the Citrix Farms.  Win16 applications require extensive testing and modification before they can run properly on a multi-user Windows environment.  Configuring Win16 applications is a staff intensive process with no guarantees of success.
  4. Graphical application (i.e. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc.) are permitted but the user must understand that the ICA client may not experience optimal performance when such applications are configured with high color depths.
  5. Mathematical, statistical, analysis and other computational intensive programs are permitted but will be made available to a limited set of systems within the Farm due to the high use of resources by such applications.  The group, department or division requesting such application may be asked to fund the necessary resources for the Citrix Farm to successfully host such programs.
  6. Licenses.  The requestor and any user(s) logging into the farm to use the new application must possess a valid user license or be covered by a SLAC site license when applicable.  SLAC non-site licensed applications will be controlled by Domain security groups which will restrict access to licensees only.
  7. Any application that has a negative effect on the servers or would cause a security risk will be removed from the Farm immediately.

How to request a new application for the Citrix Farm:

Submit a request to  Please include as much information about the application, including but not limited to: