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Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky Fellowship

In 1989 the Physics Faculty of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) created a Fellowship to honor Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky, founder and first Director of SLAC. Throughout his career, W.K.H. Panofsky demonstrated creativity, insight and exceptional achievement both as a researcher and as an administrator of fundamental research. The Panofsky Fellowship is structured to foster those values by recognizing those exceptional and promising young individuals who would most benefit from the unique opportunity that the Fellowship offers, to conduct their research at SLAC.

The Fellowship celebrates W.K.H. Panofsky’s breadth of activities, which embraced all aspects of high-energy physics research; it is awarded without regard to a candidate’s particular specialty within our program. The nominee's research plan should encompass one or more areas within the general scope of the Particle Physics and Astrophysics (PPA) science program at SLAC:

Fellowship appointments are awarded by the PPA)Associate Laboratory Director following selection by the PPA Faculty. The appointment carries a five-year term with salary and benefits comparable to an Assistant Professorship at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. At the discretion of the PPA Associate Director, benefits may include assistance with visa and residency applications. Fellows routinely serve as dissertation advisors to Stanford University graduate students from Stanford University. Since the Fellowship's inception, Panofsky Fellows have gone on to play important roles in their fields as members of the Faculty and Staff of prominent institutions.

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