November 15, 2002  


Use Appropriate Headgear on Scooters and Mopeds

By Joe Kenny

In recent months a number of motorized scooter and moped drivers were observed wearing inadequate head protection. Specifically, bicycle helmets were worn instead of the required motorcycle helmets.

A bicycle helmet (shown left) does not provide adequate protection for riders of scooters and mopeds. Instead, wear an approved motorcycle helmet (shown right). (Photo by Joe Kenny)

Bicycle helmets lack the necessary face guard and are not capable of withstanding forces expected during a high-speed crash. Do your head a favor—when climbing on that scooter or moped, make sure your headgear has what it takes to protect you. And remember, it’s the law.

Approved motorcycle helmets are available in Stores as items 84-350-042-04 (small), 84-350-042-07 (medium), and 84-350-042-09 (large).

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