November 15, 2002  



Service Awards

45 years

Wilson, Perry (ARDA), 11/1/02

35 years

Sodja, Joseph (AD), 11/6/02

25 years

Spencer, James (ARDB), 11/1/02

Yang, John (ESRD), 11/1/02

Kerr, Glen (ESRD), 11/2/02

Rago, Carl (TD-NLC), 11/7/02

15 years

Graham, Corinne (SEM), 11/1/02

Ethier, Henry ‘Skip’ (ACC), 11/1/02

5 years

Murphy, Brendan (AD), 11/17/02


Smith, Bill (formerly with ESD), age 65, passed away on November 6, 2002.

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