November 15, 2002  


Record Number of Departments On Property Control "Honor Roll"

By Leslie Normandin

The final physical inventory results for fiscal year 2002 have been submitted to DOE. The departments and groups that had 100% accountability are members of the "Honor Roll." They are:

BSD Division

BSD Division Office



Business Systems & Lab Support

Purchasing Dept

Director’s Office

Director’s Office

Affirmative Action

Human Resources


ES&H Division

ES&H Division Office

Environmental Protection & Restoration

Operational Health Physics

Radiation Physics

Safety, Health & Assurance

Waste Management

SSRL Division


Accelerator Systems Department

Spear3 Project

Research Division

Research Division Office


Computation Research


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group E

Group G

Group K

Physical Electronics

SLD Group

Technical Information Services

Theoretical Physics

Technical Division

Technical Division Office

Accelerator Research Dept A

Accelerator Research Dept B

Advanced Computations Dept

Klystron/Microwave Dept

Metrology Dept

Next Linear Collider Program

SLAC achieved a rating of "outstanding" locating Sensitive Property and Equipment (over $5,000). We want to congratulate everyone on a job well done! Let’s keep up the good work.

You can continue to help by notifying Property Control when you move or transfer bar-coded property. Notification can be done from the BIS property Web site ( or contact anyone in the department (ext. 2231, MS 85A).

Remember—if you have property laying around that you no longer use or need, you should take the item to Salvage or call them to make arrangements for pickup (ext. 2329). 



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