December 12, 2003  


SuperComputing 2003 Challenge

Pictured from left: Wu-chun Feng (LANL), Les Cottrell (SLAC), and Sylvain Ravot, Cheng Jin and Suresh Singh (all CalTech). (Photo by Diana Rogers)

SLAC, CalTech and LANL joined forces at the SuperComputing 2003 Bandwidth Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona to capture the Sustained Bandwidth Award for the most data transferred. The team demonstrated a peak data transfer rate of 23.2 gigabits per second, nearly 400,000 times faster than a typical 56Kbits per second Internet connection.

Data was transferred from the challenge site in Phoenix to the SLAC/Stanford Point of Presence at the Palo Alto Internet Exchange and to other sites in four countries spanning three continents. The team harnessed a new ability to efficiently use both dedicated and shared Internet backbones.


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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