December 12, 2003  


NLC R1 Goal Met and Exceeded

By Albe Larsen and Nan Phinney

(Image Provided by Tor Raubenheimer)

On December 4th, the NLC 8-Pack —designed to test components under development for the NLC—demonstrated operation of the SLED II dual-moded pulse compression system with a power of 475 MW and pulse length of 400 ns.

This is a full demonstration of the system required for NLC operation, and includes all critical components of the rf distribution system. It achieves one of the two critical R1 goals needed to demonstrate X-band technology which were established by the ILC-TRC review committee earlier this year. This is an important milestone which is crucial for the ultimate down select of the technology to be used for the next-generation 500 GeV (ultimately 1 TeV or above) center-of-mass energy linear collider. The system continues to be pushed to higher power and has already operated at 490 MW and 400 ns, in excess of the R1 goal.


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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