December 12, 2003  


2003 Run, Walk ‘n Roll (and Juggle)  

The 32nd Annual SLAC Run, Walk ‘n Roll was held on Thursday, November 20. The event was a smashing success with 83 runners, three skaters, 31 walkers, and one juggler, who also ran. This year’s committee deserve much appreciation for their organization enabling the winners to celebrate their victories with appropriate pomp and circumstance.

Brandon Hartfiel (EB) won a special ribbon award for juggling. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

Winners were: 1st overall—Ashley Deacon (SSRL), at 21.38.1; 2nd overall—Toshyuki Okugi (NLC) at 21.41.9, and 3rd overall—Steffen Doebert (NLC) with a time of 21.51.6.

The top three females were: Jennifer Peck (SSRL), at 25.09.0; Ashley Carroll, at 26.11.3, and Eva Dusek (EPR), at 29.17.9. A special ribbon award went to Brandon Hartfiel (EB) for juggling while running with an unofficial time of 26:53.

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