December 12, 2003  


Pub Week Winners Announced

By Beck Reitmeyer

Thank you to all SLAC employees who registered for prizes during TechPubs’ first Pub Week (November 17-21)! Our three lucky winners are Patrick Krejcik (LCLS), Bill Herrmannsfeldt (ARDA), and John Azevedo (PUR). All three chose posters of either Peter Ginter’s or Diana Rogers’ photos of SLAC as prizes.

Pub Week winners (l to r) Bill Herrmannsfeldt (ARDA), Patrick Krejcik (LCLS), and John Azevedo (PUR), shown with prizes won for logging onto the Web site. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

More than 60 people logged on to the Pub Week Web site to find out what it means to be a SLAC author, why it’s important to register and submit your documents to TechPubs, and how SLAC publications affect the community and the Lab.

Remember to register and submit your documents to TechPubs, and help us give your paper—and the Lab—the attention it deserves.

For more information, log in to or read "Registering and Submitting Your Documents Benefits Everyone" (TIP, November 7, 2003).


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