February 21, 2003


Spear3: Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

By Tom Mead

Itís been a long time cominí. SPEAR2, named SPEAR when it was built more than 30 years ago, will close down on March 31. But, it wonít be a long time gone. In an enterprising example of close-order scheduling, the upgrade to SPEAR3 will begin just two hours after the event marking SPEAR2ís closing.

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Compact Light Source Goes Commercial

by Tom Mead

A spin-off enterprise based on SLAC technology transfer has emerged. A new company has been formed to develop a compact synchrotron light source based on Compton scattering of a laser beam. The founders of the company are Ron Ruth (ARDA), Rod Loewen (KLY), and Jeff Rifkin (formerly with ARDA). The National Institutes of Health is funding the prototype development.

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SLAC Office Manages the Business of Physics

By Kyle Jaros

SLAC physicists call science, not business, their specialty. But SLAC does not exist in a vacuum, and when hardware and software developed to support specialized research find wider audiences in industry, relations with the private sector can prove very useful.

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Radiation Shielding Experiments at the FFTB

By Miriam Boon

A team of radiation physicists recently completed a series of experiments at SLAC to determine the high-energy neutron spectra and its attenuation length in concrete. These are important quantities in the design of shielding at high-energy accelerators.

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The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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