February 21, 2003  


Celebrating Chinese New Year

Shown left to right: Carol Tam (ACC), Ellen Remerata (ACC) and Mary Mathew (ACC) (Photo by Nina Adelman Stolar)

Shown left to right: Angie Seymour (ARDB), Charles Lee (DOE) and Luda Fieguth (SEM) (Photo by Nina Adelman Stolar)

Shown left to right: Marty Molloy (DOE), Amy Pensinger (DOE) and Katherine Woo (DOE) (Photo by Nina Adelman Stolar)

By Linda DuShane White

The Year of the Ram was ushered in with a special celebration on February 3 at Fu Lam Mum Restaurant in Mountain View. "Sixty people from SLAC came together for the nine-course Chinese New Year banquet," said Andrea Chan (SCS), who assisted Carol Tam (ACC) in planning the event.

The mouth-watering food included Peking Duck, as well as an array of vegetable, seafood and meat dishes that symbolize wishes for the new year. "Steamed Fish stands for luck and Walnut Prawns signify a year filled with laughter," Chan said. Tam added, "The food was delicious and nine courses signify ‘all happiness’. The number nine itself means ‘longevity’." Such rich symbolism is part of traditional celebrations dating back thousands of years; 2003 is the Year 4700 according to the Chinese calendar.

For information on next year’s event, contact: Andrea Chan, Ext. 3524, achan@slac.stanford.edu


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