March 21, 2003  


Employee ES&H Training Assessments for 2003

The Environment, Safety and Health Division (ES&H) has opened the Employee Training Assessment (ETA) for this year, with updates to regulatory and class information.

In a continuing effort to improve the SLAC training experience, changes have been made to the instructional layout and design, simplifying the process and making it easier for supervisors to find and enter required information.

Please see the Web page at:

Supervisors are required by SLAC policy to annually ensure that ETAs are completed or updated for each of their employees.

What is an ETA?

An ETA establishes basic training requirements in environment, safety and health areas for an employee. This information is entered into a database used by supervisors and managers to track ES&H training in their group.

Why do an ETA?

Per SLAC policy, a review of ES&H training requirements must be completed by each employee’s supervisor for:

• All personnel during their annual performance review,

• New personnel, and

• Personnel whose duties or hazards change significantly.

The assessments define training required by regulations, DOE orders and SLAC policies. This helps a supervisor and employee determine what training is appropriate for them.

For more information about this and other ES&H Training, please see the ES&H Web site: or contact Rod Hiemstra, Training Coordinator (Ext. 3662,

Contact: Larissa Williams, Ext. 3166, 


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