March 21, 2003  


Meet the Local Safety Committee

By Linda Ahlf

The Local Safety Committee (LSC) would like to introduce itself. We are a committee of union and management representatives providing a resource for voicing safety concerns. The LSC is proving to be effective in addressing safety issues and promoting communication between union and management representatives.

This committee is made up of three union members and three members of management. It is co-chaired jointly by union and management representatives. From management we have Jack Hahn (ES&H), Ian Evans (SSRL) and Barry Webb (HR).

Current representatives from the union are Matt Neibel (EFD), Marty O’Donoghue (SEM) and Rocky Pena (SSRL). Lee Lyon is the committee administrator and Linda Ahlf is the committee secretary (both HR). In addition, a member of SEM management regularly attends the Local Safety Committee meetings.

Both workers and management can bring concerns about unsafe or hazardous working conditions to the LSC. The issues are discussed at our monthly meetings, assigned to the relevant committee person, who reports back at the following month’s meeting. Minutes are kept to track issues and to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Should some emergency safety problem come up, the committee can access necessary resources at the highest levels at the Lab. This has proven to be a great way to get safety concerns addressed in a forum where results are the most important product.

Workers with safety concerns can talk to their committee representatives, and their problems will be addressed by the committee.

For more information on this Committee, contact Linda Ahlf,
Ext. 2354, 


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