November 21, 2003  


Compensation Services Basics

By Sandra Czech

SLAC’s Human Resources department is comprised of five sub-groups, each with their own specialty. One of these is Compensation Services. The world of compensation can be mind boggling—what is the process, where do you begin and who do you talk to?

Karen Lawrence and Carol Bechtel. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

Compensation Services consists of two experts, Karen Lawrence (head) and Carol Bechtel, who have been working in the compensation field for over 15 years each. One of their many functions is to "establish and maintain appropriate salaries for staff at SLAC—a moving target," states Lawrence. The compensation department works closely with departments, supervisors and employees on job descriptions, reclassifications and reorganizations.

Due to the fact that job content, performance and market variable wages keep changing, Compensation Services reevaluates and analyzes jobs regularly. They also support managers to attract, retain and reward employees. In addition to their regular work, they work on large projects such as salary setting, surveys, and special studies, with both Stanford University and DOE as well as with other labs.

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