November 21, 2003  




Phinney, Nan (NLC), the 2003 Marshall D. OíNeill Award

(see Phinney article)


Alvarado, Sal (SEM), 10/22

Truebenbach, John (ESD), 9/30

Wiedemann, Helmut (ASD), 9/30

Service Awards

5 Years

Buhrmaster, Gary (SCS), 12/01

Dusatko, John (ESD), 12/08

Greer, Julie (ASD), 12/06

Leyh, Gregory (ESD), 12/01

Lo, Man-Wah (SCS), 12/01

Rochester, Jane (SCS), 11/16

15 Years

Baldoza, Mer (ESD), 11/16

Farvid, Ali (MFD), 11/16

Lienhart, Timothy (ESD), 11/16

Nguyen, Sony (ESD), 11/16

25 Years

Baruz, Howard (MFD), 12/03

Holden, Gene (KM), 12/04

30 Years

Jobe, Jerry (BSD), 12/01

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