October 3, 2003  


Foreign Travel Regulations: Airline Ticket Purchase

When buying airline tickets for SLAC, one important point in the Foreign Travel Regulations is that the flight number be a U.S. Carrier flight number.

Example of some U.S. air carriers:
• Delta (DL + flight number)
• American (AA + flight number)
• United (UA + flight number)
• Northwest (NW + flight number)
• Alaska (AS + flight number)

Some tickets or itineraries show both flight numbers, the US and the foreign carrier, and that is acceptable for reimbursement.

This policy is stated on the SLAC Travel guidelines web page at http://www-group.slac.stanford.edu/travel/guidelines.html.

Contact: Alison Twombly, Accounts Payable, Ext. 4346, atwombly@slac.stanford.edu


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