October 17, 2003  



Items Blocked on Corporate Express Account

Certain items under the Corporate Express (CE) contract are blocked from ordering because they are considered unallowable expenses—items that cannot be purchased using taxpayer dollars.

From time to time, the Purchasing Department expands the list of blocked items as part of our ongoing monitoring of purchases made under the CE contract.

Additional items now blocked from the Corporate Express account are: eating utensils, facial tissues, cups (except #NIB001623006), plates, tablecloths, umbrellas, dish soap, luggage carts, cameras, eyeglasses, hand lotion, coffee filters, coffee decanters, sugar, and artificial sweetener.

Please note that fax machines, copiers, and printers should not be ordered under the Corporate Express EWay system. For Property Control purposes, these items must be requested under a purchase requisition.

Contact: Bob Todaro, Purchasing Officer, Ext. 2425, rocker@slac.stanford.edu


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