October 17, 2003  



HazMat Program Working Well

By Mike Scharfenstein

SLAC welcomed two separate reviews of its hazardous material and waste management programs in September. The first one was an audit to support our independent oversight program with the DOE. The second one was an annual inspection by San Mateo County. The audit and inspection took place at the same time due to unavoidable schedule conflicts.

Results were favorable from both reviews and demonstrate that SLAC is committed to managing hazardous materials and waste in an appropriate manner. While there are always improvements to be made, the programs are evolving into the type expected of a world-class science facility like SLAC.

You can help improve the program by making sure all your chemicals and waste are properly labeled, inspected weekly and appropriately stored. Donít forget how important good housekeeping is to maintaining a safe work environment as well.

Thanks to all who participated in the successful reviews. For comments, questions or suggestions, contact Michael Scharfenstein (scharf@slac.stanford.edu or Ext. 3341).


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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