October 17, 2003  



SLAC Temporary Personnel Policy

This policy is effective November 1, 2003. It applies to personnel performing non-bargaining unit work at SLAC who are hired through temporary staffing agencies (commonly referred to as "job shoppers"). It specifically excludes temporary personnel performing construction work subject to Davis-Bacon Act regulations. Temporary personnel doing work normally performed by bargaining unit workers are covered by Side Letter #6 of the Labor Agreement between Stanford University and United Stanford Workers.

Temporary personnel may be hired to fill in during extended absences of regular staff, to cover time between a termination and the filling of that position, to cover peak workloads, to provide a short term buffer for fluctuating work loads, or to assist on projects of short term duration (typically a year or less).

Given these uses of temporary staff, it is SLAC policy that temporary personnel are limited to a maximum one-year assignment. At the conclusion of one year, the temporary assignment must end and the temporary person must be let go or hired as a regular or fixed term employee; the position may not be filled with another temporary staff person.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Division Director and the Director of Human Resources (HR).

Temporary personnel who have been in an assignment at SLAC longer than one year as of November 1, 2003, will be allowed to remain for up to six months before the provisions of this policy are enforced. All other temporary personnel will be subject to this policy as their assignment reaches one year.

Contact: Lee Lyon, Director, Human Resources, Ext. 2283, lyon@slac.stanford.edu.



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