October 17, 2003  



Other Members of the SLAC Community Need Some Respect

By Anna Gosline

The SLAC grounds are home to skunks, raccoons, two species of foxes, rabbits, squirrels, two bobcat families and over 70 deer. Like all Stanford grounds, the SLAC campus is a wildlife sanctuary, devoted to preserving both animal habitat and biodiversity.

The deer isn’t in the crosswalk, but a watchful eye will get him safety across the road. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

Many of the animals at SLAC come out at night, making them vulnerable to the increasing amount of vehicle traffic. Young deer, not used to traffic, are at the greatest risk and we lose two or three every year. Young foxes have also been killed by traffic in the past month.

The animals at SLAC are a constant source of joy for many employees here. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure they are protected. Obeying posted speed limits and keeping a watchful eye for wildlife could make all the difference in the world.





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