September 19, 2003  


Website Makeover: Improving ES&H Communications

By Anthony Jean-Baptiste

You may have noticed that the ES&H Web site has a new look. The makeover, completed in Q1 of 2003, is part of a larger effort to strengthen systems in the ES&H Division. You will continue to see changes over the coming months as we improve the Web site and other systems to better serve users throughout SLAC.

Follow the Crumbs

One goal of the Web site makeover was to make navigation easier. A left-side menu bar and consistent footer were added, in addition to navigational ‘bread crumbing’. Bread crumbing shows users where they are on the site, allowing easy movement between levels of content.

Breadcrumbing, shown above on an ES&H Web page, tells users where they are on the website, and lets them jump between levels of content. (Image courtesy of ES&H)

Other improvements included:

• Consolidating all ES&H-related forms and templates onto one page

• Dividing the ES&H Manual into individual chapters

• Simplifying the instructions for the Employee Training Assessment (ETA)

• Optimizing the Departments & Services Web page

What’s Next?

The Web site increasingly will become the central way ES&H communicates as a Division with the entire SLAC community. As part of this strategy, a major redesign of the Web site is planned for the future. The improved design will reflect staff needs and will continuously be developed through feedback from several sources:

• Online surveys of users

• Site traffic analysis

• Best practices for usability and organization

• Your input and feedback

Beyond the redesign, ES&H will implement Web-based tools to track writing, Web, and training projects. These tools will help create a more stable and consistent process for communicating worker safety and environmental protection programs. The tools will be accessible to anyone involved in creating and reviewing these programs.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about changes to the Web site and other ES&H tools. Please send email to:

For more information on ES&H web-related projects, see:



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