September 19, 2003  


FY2003 Year-End Dates

SLAC fiscal year 2003 ends on September 30. The following are some important year-end dates to note.

RECEIVERS: Items on the shipping and receiving dock at 4:00 p.m. September 30 will be included in this year’s costs.

ACCRUALS: Personal services, subcontracts, Labs and Universities, and blanket purchase orders require sufficient documentation to authorize payment. That is, if someone is doing some work, there must be an approved PO in the system, and then the person who directly supervises the work certifies that some percent of work is completed at some value of the total. The request should be presented to your Division Planner for accrual. Get these items to your division financial Planner by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 19. Planners are to get these to Skip Ethier by end of day the following Monday.

REQ COMMITMENTS: Requisitions are counted as commitments as soon as the Operator approves them. Req commitments are internal commitments only. They are not reported to the DOE in our month end financial statements (MARS). Req commitments will be counted in SED & ARF up to the end of the day on September 30.

Once a PO number has been dispatched, the Req commitment has gone away and requisitions can no longer be put in the pending category.

PO COMMITMENTS: Whatever purchasing dispatches by the end of the day on September 30 will count as PO commitments for year-end (encumbrances).

PURCHASE CARDS: There will be no special general accrual of purchase card transactions for September 2003. Anything on your August 20 statement will be costed in FY2003. Items on your September 20 statement will be costed in 2004.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Invoices for goods and services received in FY2003 should be costed in FY2003. You’ll need to get them to the accounts payable office by 5:00 p.m. Monday, September 29. These are invoices you have in your possession and you must sign; see Receivers for things received at shipping and receiving.

CORPORATE EXPRESS: Office supply catalog items: Items received in-house by September 12 will be included in year 2003 costs. Furniture is done on a purchase order.

TRAVEL: Division Financial Planners will take travel approved for domestic, international, visitor and relocation travel and get them to the Travel Reimbursement Office on Friday, September 26. This is for travel ending no later than September 30. Travel ending in October will be costed in October, except for prepaid air tickets.

PREPAID AIR TICKETS: Expense reports received by September 30 for departures through October 31 will be costed in 2003. Departures November 1 and later will be costed in FY2004.

COSTS AVAILABLE: Payroll and Labor will run on October 2. First costs will be available on the Web on October 3 at 9 a.m.

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