April 2, 2004  


40, 30 and 20 Year Awardees Honored at the Annual Service Award Dinner

By Erin Smith

On Tuesday evening, March 23, SLAC honored employees who have worked for Stanford and SLAC for 40, 30 and 20 years at the Annual Service Award dinner held at the Stanford Faculty Club.

(Photo by Diana Rogers)

This year, a total of 49 employees earned service awards, with six 40 year awardees, ten 30 year awardees and thirty-three 20 year awardees.

The 104 guests attending were treated to a special presentation by Persis Drell, Associate Director of SLACís Research Division. Colorful and creative animations captivated the audience as she spoke about her perspective on SLACís past, present and future. Images of SLAC, the awardees and space flashed on the screen as she spoke of the science researched at SLAC in the last forty years. She also spoke to the future of SLAC science, such as GLAST, and the KAVLI Institute, which may start to address questions regarding dark matter and antimatter in the universe.

Lee Lyon (HR) shared the happenings from when the employees joined SLAC 20, 30, and 40 years ago, such as the best selling books and popular movies. Laboratory Director Jonathan Dorfan recognized these long-term employees for their dedication and importance to the successes at SLAC, and presented them with Stanford pins and special SLAC gifts as mementos of their years of service.

See 40 and 30 year award recipients.

20 Year Service Award Recipients
Back row
(left to right): Richard Atkinson (MFD), Von Harry Taylor (KLY), Richard Iverson (AD), James Craft (ESD), Clay Corvin (NLC), Thomas Himel (NLC), Richard Cassel (ESD), Robert Ruland (MET), Ronald Ruth (ARDA), Roger Carr (ESRD), Ron Cassell (SLD), Eamon Lacy (MFD), Larry Whicker (KLY), Chris Pearson (KLY), Jonathan Dorfan. Front row (left to right): Bradley Youngman (SEM), Carolynn Fryer (PUR), Janice Dabney (TD), Cole Carter, (TD), Andrew Gioumousis (ESD), Charlotte Hee (EC), Brooks Collins (SCS), Chuck Yee (ESD), Mimi Chang (BSD), Karen Heidenreich (SLD). Not pictured: Timothy Barklow (EA), Brian Bennett (ESD), Alexander Chao (ARDA), Ken Culler (ESRD), John Paul Eichner (KLY), Marty Hill (PUR), David Shelley (MFD), Raymond Wallace (ESD), Michael Zurawel (ACC)
(Photo by Diana Rogers)


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