April 2, 2004  


New Citrix Farm Launched

By Brian Scott

On March 29, the SCS Windows Infrastructure Group started to roll out a new Citrix XPe farm to replace the old Citrix Metaframe 1.8 farm. For those of you not familiar with the
SLAC Citrix farm, it provides:

• A secure way to gain access to a full Windows desktop set up with the SLAC environment (e.g., with access to SLAC network drives) from onsite or off-site. Your local drives and printers can also be accessed from this desktop.

• An easy way to access heavily-used applications such as Microsoft Office. The Citrix farm is the preferred method to check e-mail from offsite via Microsoft Outlook.

• A convenient way for Unix users to access Windows resources. Once installed, the Citrix
environment can be accessed from a Windows platform via the Web (http://slaccitrix1.slac.stanford.edu or http://slaccitrix2.slac.stanford.edu). Access for supported Unix platforms are made using the Citrix client directly.

The new Citrix farm is encrypted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a protocol more likely to be available at remote sites. On Unix platforms configuration is necessary to support SSL (see on-line documentation).

The old Citrix farm will be shutdown on May 3. Current Citrix farm users will be contacted by wts-admin with instructions on how to switch to the new Citrix farm. You will be able to use both farms as you transition to the new farm.

To obtain a Citrix account, to setup Citrix on your computer or to learn more about the Citrix implementation see: www2.slac.stanford.edu/computing/windows/services/citrix


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