April 2, 2004  


Windows Application Installation Site Available

By Brian Scott

A new Web interface from which users can install applications, the Xweb, has replaced the X drive. Users will now access the Xweb to install SLAC supported applications instead of the X drive.

The impetus to migrate from the X drive to the Xweb is to meet vendor and DOE requirements for tracking usage of licensed software and to notify users of licensing terms. Installations of software from the Xweb will be logged. When users leave SLAC they will receive a reminder to un-install the software from non-SLAC computers. Software on SLAC computers will be taken care of by local administrators. Since the Xweb is a web interface, it is more intuitive and user-friendly than the X drive, and installation instructions are more clearly written.

The Xweb Web site is currently only accessible within the SLAC internal network. To install software bring up an Internet Explorer browser and type in the Xweb Web site. You will be presented with a sortable selection of software available for installation.

If you would like to contact the maintainer of the application or review application requirements, select the application link. Once you have selected the software, you will be asked to accept SLAC Software Licensing Terms. Upon agreeing you will be able to install the applicable software. If a license number is necessary to install the software, it will be found on the page following the acceptance of the SLAC Software Licensing Terms. Installation of some applications on the Xweb may require administrative privileges on your laptop or desktop.

We plan to run the new Xweb and old X drive in parallel for one month. On May 3 the X drive will be disabled. For more on how to use the Xweb, review the right hand panel on the Xweb Web site: http://xweb.slac.stanford.edu


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