April 16, 2004  


Host a High School Student!

By Linda Alf

SLAC is participating in the Industry Initiatives Students in Math & Engineering (IISME) Program to host high school students this summer. These students will receive a stipend from a California grant so there is no cost to SLAC. The programís goal is to encourage and prepare girls and underrepresented minority students in pursuing course work and extracurricular activities that will lead to a college degree in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).

Internships Start July 6

We would like the students to be placed in areas at SLAC where they can receive hands on experience with science, technology, engineering or math. Students will hold short internships for 16 hours per week for four weeks beginning July 6 (Tuesday -Friday, 4 hours per day). The students will be seniors next year and will have completed algebra I and II, geometry, chemistry, physics and (usually) biology.

The students are participants in a mathematics/science enrichment project that targets four Silicon Valley high schools, offering curriculum enrichment, summer internships, a summer science camp, high school engineering course (in development), visits to local colleges and science/technology complexes.

Sign up as a Host by April 23

Please respond before the April 23 deadline if you are interested in hosting an IISME Student. Contact Linda Ahlf (Ext. 2354, lahlf@slac.stanford.edu).


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