August 6, 2004  


CITRIX: A Simple Way to Access Your Work Computer from Home

By Matt Howard

Have you ever wanted to work at home? CITRIX is your answer. It is essentially having direct access to your work computer at home. Anyone with a SLAC userid/computer acocunt can use this extremely convenient way to access your computer desktop from home. All you need is a computer (Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Unix, Linux, or Mac) with an internet connection.

CITRIX is a simple way to access your desktop, your drives and even your printers at work, all from home—or from any computer in the world with internet access—using a web browser with all the settings on your work computer. If you don’t want to run the entire desktop, you can just run individual programs. For example, Microsoft Outlook opens automatically at your Inbox.

“I used to come in [to my office] to read mail and work in the evenings and weekends. CITRIX has changed all that,” said Neil Calder (COM), a more than satisfied CITRIX user. “I can do everything from my computer at home. It’s fast and easy to use.”

CITRIX gives you access to all of your drives, so you can access any of your files. It even allows access to your C drive (called the L drive on CITRIX), so you can easily move files from your home computer onto your work computer.

“It’s a secure way of gaining access to your applications here at SLAC,” according to Brian Scott (SCS), head of the CITRIX team. Since it is run through a Web browser, CITRIX is extremely secure, which is the main reason it is the preferred method for employees to use working from home. You don’t have to worry about managing or updating it because, unlike other methods, CITRIX is always managed and updated by SCS.

“Our primary design goal for the CITRIX Farm was to create a facility that would provide a consistent user experience to our remote users coming across the Internet without compromising security,” said Ricardo Kau (SCS) who was in charge of the CITRIX implementation project.

To use CITRIX all you have to do is complete an account request form. You get a speedy reply from the CITRIX team and then download the program. You can then sign on, using your regular SLAC account (from or Once you sign in, you are ready to access your computer desktop or to run individual programs.

Two sets of machines at SLAC make this possible. The first one allows everyone access to standard software, and the second is for special licensed software that only some people have access to.

“In order to use a licensed only application on CITRIX, the user must have a valid license for the software and be added to the software group,” explained Tim Miller (SCS), who works on the CITRIX program. “Licensed software is software that requires that you have paid for it.”

All employees at SLAC are encouraged to use CITRIX in place of other commonly used methods because it is much more secure and reliable. If you encounter any problems, please go to and choose CITRIX from the desktop support bar.

For account request:

For standard software:



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