August 6, 2004  


ES&H Improvement Effort Update

By Mike Grissom

In the last issue of TIP, I reviewed the progress of the four working groups established as a result of the serious ladder accident that occurred at SLAC on January 28, 2003. Since then, there have been additional developments, including a specific goal announced by Jonathan Dorfan at his July All Hands presentation that all SLAC staff complete routine Job Hazard Analysis and Mitigation (JHAM) documents by November 15.

The following is an update on the activities of those working groups.

Hazard Analysis Working Group

HAWG completed its development work and is now in implementation. Please see Safety Simplified: Job Hazard Analysis and Mitigation (TIP, April 2, 2004) and the JHAM web site (

Vertical Integration Working Group

VIWG completed development of the process for setting institutional ES&H goals. Each division is now following up with its own goal-setting activity.

Readiness and Emergency Management Team

The REM team has completed its work following the training of key SLAC staff in accident investigation (July 26-28, 2004) and revision of Chapter 28 of the ES&H Manual, Accidents, Injuries, Illnesses, and Exposures (

Data Management Working Group

DMWG continues to develop a process to improve tracking and trending analysis of incidents and accidents at SLAC.

Key Elements of ISMS

The products of these working groups are (or will be) incorporated as key elements of the SLAC Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS). Details about the SLAC ISMS program, including the safety management system document, are available on the Web (

Details on how individuals and managers can participate fully in the ISMS process will be the subject of future TIP articles.



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