August 20, 2004  


Bicycle Safety Reminder for Sand Hill Road

By Janice Dabney

SLAC car drivers entering the site from Sand Hill Road (going west) have observed quite a number of near misses between bicycles and cars because of the following practice. Bicycle riders are cutting over quickly from the bike lane on the right and merging into fast traffic 80-100 feet before the light to make a left turn into SLAC.

Those of you who have been here since 2001 remember that on July 5 of that year, graduate student Katherine Pope was killed while riding her bicycle to work on Sand Hill Road (See TIP, August 2001).

Use the Crosswalk

This time of year our site welcomes many summer interns and users who ride bicycles. Everyone should take note of this hazard, but especially visitors who are here for a short time from a more passive environment than Sand Hill Road. Please stay in the bike lane and use the crosswalk or at least merge into the roadway in a safe and responsible manner with the proper caution and signals.

Stop by the SLAC Safeguards and Security Office (in its new location in Bldg. 207, located off the Campus Loop Road) to pick up a bicycle safety brochure.



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