December 10, 2004  


New Cafeteria Vendor to Begin Service on January 3

The SLAC Purchasing Department is in the final process of selecting a new food service vendor to manage SLAC‘s cafeteria and provide catering services for meetings.

When Will the New Vendor Begin?

The selection process will be finalized before the holiday shutdown (during the week of December 13). Purchasing will announce the name of the new vendor as soon as it is known.

Operation under the new management will start on Monday, January 3.

How Can You Help?

Purchasing would like to communicate your suggestions concerning dietary preferences and service needs to the new vendor. This information will assist the new vendor in facilitating their transition and allow them to consider customizing their services to meet the SLAC community’s needs.

Margaret Yamamoto (PUR) is the Buyer responsible for evaluation of the submitted bids based on SLAC criteria. Please share your gastronomic preferences with Yamamoto (margaret@SLAC.Stanford.EDU) so she can relay your wishes to the new vendor.

Contact: Janet Adams, Purchasing Officer, Ext. 8515, 



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