December 10, 2004  


SLAC Holiday Charity Drives Underway

By Linda DuShane White

Continuing the SLAC tradition of sharing our good fortune with others, there will be opportunities to donate to the following charities:

The Family Giving Tree will be held at the following locations until December 13. You can pick up and drop off wish cards and gifts at the following locations (donors are encouraged to attach a toothbrush to each gift): MCC (Bldg. 5), A&E (Bldg. 41), REG (Bldg. 28), Central Lab (Bldg. 40), Klystron (Bldg. 44), ROB (Bldg. 48), SSRL (Bldgs. 120 & 137) and ILC (Bldg. 214).

The Coat and Blanket Drive has collection boxes in the following locations until December 16: A&E (Bldg. 41), Central Lab (Bldg. 40), ROB (Bldg. 48) and SEM (Bldg. 241).

The Second Harvest Food Drive for nutritious food and beverages in non-glass containers has collection bins in the following locations until December 16: MCC (Bldg. 5), ESD (Bldg. 15), ES&H (Bldg. 24), SEM (Bldg. 35), Central Lab (Bldg. 40), A&E (Bldg. 41), Cafeteria (Bldg. 42), SSRL (Bldgs. 120 & 137), SEM (Bldg. 241), ROB (Bldg. 48), SCS (Bldg. 50) and Stores (Bldg. 81).

According to Erin Shatara (HR), "Second Harvest and the Family Giving Tree go through many charitable organizations throughout the Bay Area. Clothing will go to a local church that helps out needy families."

For more information on the International Holiday Wishes celebration and the Sharing Campaigns, see: 



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