December 10, 2004  


Portable Space Heater Safety

By Robert Reek

When the weather turns cold, many of us will use portable space heaters in our offices or at home. The following guidelines will help you use them safely.

• Choose an electric space heater that has the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) seal of approval.

• Connect your electric space heater directly to a grounded wall outlet or to a grounded and approved power strip that is connected directly to the wall outlet.

• Place your electric space heater away from exits, exit pathways and combustible material.

• Confirm that your electric space heater is in good working condition (no spliced wire or taped connections).

• Ensure that the heating elements of your electric space heater are completely enclosed.

• Do not put your electric space heater under your desk because that increases the risk that the heater can be kicked over or come in contact with your clothing.

• Disconnect your electric space heater when it is not in use.

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