December 10, 2004  


SULI Intern Presents at Research Conference

By Abbie Marie Wood

SULI intern Abbie Marie Wood (University of New Orleans) (Photo courtesy of Abbie Marie Wood)

This past summer I participated in the DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program at SLAC. I worked with James Liu and Ron Seefred (both RPD), and fellow SULI student Chris Cooper (Cornell University) on a project entitled The Setup and Calibration of the SLAC Peripheral Monitoring System. The neutron and gamma radiation monitoring system is set up to protect the public from overexposure to radiation. It consists of seven stations around the perimeter of the Laboratory that detect radiation and send signals to the Main Control Center (MCC).

By the end of the summer, we had all seven stations set up and calibrated, although one station was having communication problems with MCC. Of course, we could not have succeeded as well without the electronic expertise and close counsel of Seefred. In addition to the set-up and calibration, Liu also had us create extensive documentation covering the operation, procedures and specifications of the system.

This October I participated in a research conference hosted in part by the Louis Stokes Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation (LS-LAMP), of which I am a member. I presented our research and am excited to say that I won first place in the Physics category! It was rewarding enough to have the opportunity to come to SLAC as a SULI student—I learned so much while I was working there mentored by Liu and Seefred. As part of the conference award, I received $300 and a trip to tour the University of Iowa as a potential graduate school. I am very grateful to have had the chance to participate in the SULI program. Hopefully I will be able to work with the wonderful staff of the Radiation Protection Department again someday.

Pauline Wethington (COM/HR) attended the conference to talk with students. There were 500 minority students participating, many of them majoring in physics, computer science mathematics and engineering. Wethington said, "SLAC is looking forward to hosting the SULI students next summer." If you are interested in being a mentor for the SULI Intern program, please contact Pauline Wethington (Ext. 4559,

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