December 10, 2004  


Second Issue of symmetry Magazine Released

By Joni White

The December/January issue of symmetry magazine is available at locations around the SLAC site.

This issue of symmetry features cover art by Dawn Meson (Image courtesy of SLAC)


Sold on Cold—Why have particle physicists lowered the temperature on a new accelerator? How cold will the International Linear Collider be?

The Growth of Inflation—For 25 years cosmologists have struggled to adapt one of the greatest inventions: inflation. Is a final solution near?

SESAME: An Oasis of Peace in the Middle East?—With help from Europe and the U.S., scientists in Jordan are building a lab for collaboration among neighboring countries.

Deconstruction: Visa Quest—For Nikolay Solyak, an approval letter was no guarantee for quickly obtaining an H1-B visa at the U.S. embassy in Berlin.

Where to Get Your Copy

Subscribers receive their print copies through internal mail.

Copies can be collected at any of the following locations:

• SLAC Library, Bldg. 40

• SSRL Mailrooms, Bldgs. 137 and 120

• SLUO Desk, Bldg. 50 lobby

• EFD Office, Bldg. 280A, Reception and mailboxes

• A&E, Bldg. 41, Literature rack near staircase and mailboxes

• ROB, Bldg. 48, Reception desk, Redwood rooms, coffee areas, upstairs literature rack and mailboxes

• ES&H, Bldg. 24, Room 209

The electronic version of the magazine (available a day early to subscribers) can be read at:

SLAC staff can subscribe at 




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