February 6, 2004  


10-Year Awards Celebration

35 employees who made their 10-year milestone at SLAC in 2003 were honored at an awards ceremony in January.

Back row (l to r): Leif Eriksson (LCLS), Hans Imfeld (MET), Eric Lundahl (MET), Ron Rogers (MD), Mike Racine (EFD), Knut Skarpaas VIII (REG), Dong Su (EE), Tony Johnson (SLD), Eleanor Mitchell (DO), Kathryn McMillen (KLY), Brenda Eberle (SCS), Perry Anthony (EFD), presenter Jonathan Dorfan (DO), Brian Fuss (MET).

Front Row (l to r): Angie Seymour (ARDB), Yiton Yan (ARDA), Yunhai Cai (ARDA), Tom Rabedeau (ESRD), Frank Topper (BSD), George Kallabis (KLY), Mario Cardoso (KLY). Not Pictured: Jim Allan (OHP), Jeraline Counts (PUR), Santa Chatterji (OHP), Stephen Fetzko (MFD), Martin George (ESRD), JoAnne Hewe. (THP), Roger Jurgensen (ESD), Morry Munro (NLC), Lance Nakata (SCS), Michael Neubauer (KLY), Helen Nuckolls (EPR), Tom Rizzo (THP), John Wachter (ASD), Zachary Wolf (MET), Kenneth Yang (SEM).


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