February 6, 2004


Inauguration of SPEAR3, Dazzling New Light Source

By Heather Rock Woods

Aglow with satisfaction, officials dedicated SPEAR3, a brilliant new synchrotron light source at SSRL, on January 29 in a tent packed with some 850 people.

SPEAR3 generates extremely bright x-ray beams to illuminate long-kept secrets in materials science, chemistry and biology on the sub-microscopic scale.

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SLAC and Caltech Collaborate on New SPEAR3 Beam Line to Read a Molecule’s Blueprints

By Neil Calder

Just as astronomers image very large objects at great distances to understand what makes the universe tick, biologists and chemists need to image very small molecules to understand what makes living systems tick.

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8-Pack Team Makes Progress on Linear Collider Technology

By Heather Rock Woods

The Next Linear Collider’s (NLC) 8-Pack team surpassed a crucial hurdle last month in the quest to develop a new linear collider to search for the Universe’s missing particles.

The project squeezed an incredible 475 megawatts (MW) of energy into a succinct 400-nanosecond (ns) pulse of radio frequency (RF) power. This short-lived peak power (400 billionths of a second) is more than that produced by some nuclear power plants.

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Champagne Challenge

By Kate Metropolis

In less than a month last summer, five physicists, led by Roodman, analyzed over 20 million events, found the mere 46 in which a B meson decayed into two neutral pions, and prepared a paper for Physical Review Letters. The group won the Champagne challenge for being the first to submit a paper using data from run 3.

Zoltan Ligeti, a theorist at LBNL, called the results significant.

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10-Year Awards Celebration

35 employees who made their 10-year milestone at SLAC in 2003 were honored at an awards ceremony in January.

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Celebrating Year of the Monkey

By Andrea Chan

Over 50 SLAC’ers gathered at Jing Jing Restaurant in Palo Alto on the first day of Chinese New Year—January 23—for a 10-course banquet. The menu featured egg rolls, braised rock cod, mongolian beef, honey walnut prawns and tea smoked duck. The event was organized by Karena Kong (BABAR).

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